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Friday, November 23, 2007

Tis the season. . .

This is the season of giving. I found a neat website that encourages everyone to do something nice especially on Mondays. Right now they are asking for people to send Christmas packages to our troops. They need to be mailed by Nov 30, so we don't have much time. If you are interested go to this website and you can see what it is all about and how to do this.

Lets start this wonderful holiday season right by remembering those who are ensuring us the freedom to be able to continue to celebrate these sacred holidays.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. . .

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's almost here. . .

The groceries are bought, the turkey is thawing, the baking begins today, the guests are invited and now it is just a waiting game. . .the countdown begins! In only a few hours. . .well a little over 24 to be exact . . .we will all set around our tables with our loved ones and enjoy a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, sweet potatoes, stuffing, rolls, salads, veggies, cranberries, pie, pie and more pie! Have I forgotten anything?

Oh I can smell it already - can't you? I can't wait! It is so fun to cook, cook and do more cooking just so that we can all sit down and gorge ourselfs for 10-15 minutes, just in time to get up and spend the next half hour cleaning it all up, while all of the guys go in to watch football or take a nap. Thank heavens I have alot of girls in my family to help with all of the work!! I really can't remember a Thanksgiving when I have been able to just sit and enjoy TV all day. . . but hey. . . cooking and cleaning. . .thats more fun than screaming at the TV because your team isn't winning, right? I'm really not bitter - But I do think that I'm going to make my family sit for at least a little longer than usual and enjoy the moment together while enjoying filling their bellies. Thats only right. . . after I put in so many hours to make it perfect, don't you thing?

But really-it is a lot of work for just a few minutes of eating pleasure. I think it might be easier (at least for me) and maybe even cheaper to just go to Chuck-a-Rama. But hey, I guess it is all worth the effort because of course then we have ALL of the leftovers that we have to. . I mean get to eat for days and days. Just how many different ways can you fix leftover turkey? Turkey casserole, turkey soup, turkey sandwiches, turkey tacos!!!! Can you tell . . .I just can't wait!! I mostly can't wait for Friday when we can get up at 3am to go shopping and fight the holiday crowds to get the best deals in town, that are always sold out of by the time I get there! Yeah. . it's the beginning of the most stressful. . . I mean. . .the most wonderful time of year! Oh. . . I love the holidays!!

Really and truly, all kidding aside. . . have a great Thanksgiving, don't eat TOO much and do enjoy being with those special people in your life. Spend a few minutes in the midst of the fun to give thanks to Heavenly Father for all of your blessings.

And just be grateful that you aren't a turkey!!! Not a good day for them!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I love beautiful sunsets. . .

So this afternoon we were just sitting down to eat dinner and I looked out the window and saw this AMAZING sunset. Those of you that know me know that I love taking pics of clouds, sunsets etc. So I ran and got my camera and headed outside. Since the wind was really blowing hard my camera was kinda shaking so they are kinda blurry but I still think you get the idea of how beautiful it was. The colors were spectacular reds, oranges, yellows, blues and purples. Of coarse the pictures never turn out as good as actually being there but these are pretty close.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Did someone say "chocolate cake?"

Try this one all you chocolate lovers out there. This is really yummy! You'll have to go to the gym for several days after eating it but it is well worth it. Enjoy!

Chocolate Truffle Cake

(I highly suggest waiting a day after baking before eating this delicious cake because on day two the texture of the cake is like a truffle)

1 chocolate cake mix
1 box (8oz) of chocolate pudding mix
5 eggs
1 stick of butter, melted
16oz of sour cream
1 bag of chocolate chips

Pre-heat oven to 350.
Combine cake and pudding mixes and then create a well in the middle of a large bowl.
Dump the sour cream, melted butter and eggs in the well.
Using a large spoon (trust me, your mixer will fry because this is so thick, plus your arms will need the workout!) mix all of the ingredient together, don't be alarmed on how thick the batter is, that is normal.
Then pour the entire bag of chocolate chips in and mix it again.
Spray your bundt pan with some pam and put the batter in it.
Bake 50-55 minutes. Once it is done baking let it cool for 10 minutes and then flip it.
This cake does not need any frosting but some fresh whipped cream (there is now chocolate cool whip) or ice cream is yummy!
You can eat it right away, but again, I highly suggest waiting a day, I promise it is well worth the wait! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Way to go Hollie!

My daughter the runner! This is my daughter Hollie and she ran a half marathon (13 miles) in Sept which I thought was so amazing. But this past weekend she ran her first FULL marathon. . .26 miles!! It took her about 4 hours which is a great time, especially for your first race. I can't even imagine running that far or for that long. (I'm ussually breathing hard and need to sit down and have some water by the time I walk into the grocery store from the parking lot. Well. . . maybe I'm not that bad. . .but you get my point.)

I am so proud of her. Not only for staying in such good shape but for setting a hard goal and working hard to actually achieve it. What a great accomplishment. Way to go Hollie!! You are an inspiration to me!