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Sunday, April 18, 2010

I did it!!!

Five and half years ago I decided to take a couple of classes at BYU Idaho just for fun.

After a semester I decided that I wanted to do more than just have fun ~ and I began my journey to obtain a Bachelor's Degree. I love a challenge!!

And a challenge it was!!

I set goals - I worked hard -
I loved every minute of it!!
It became my passion - you might even say an obsession!

After taking many tests, writing tons of papers, spending hours upon hours of studying, losing sleep, sweating over assignments, at times feeling overwhelmed, stressed, inadequate and unsure of myself . . . saying many prayers, making many new friends, and learning all kinds of new things . . .
and after taking 134 credits. . . .

I am now officially a
Bachelor of Science in Sociology
with a minor in Marriage and Family Studies.

Graduation was great!!
But what was even greater was that my family were all here to support me. (Except for Mindy of coarse who is serving a mission in Russia. I cant believe that they wouldnt let her just make a quick trip home for her momma's big day. hahaha!)

But having my family here meant more to me than they will ever know.
I love them so much! It was great to share this special day with my most favorite people in all the world!!

It was an amazing experience!

Yep that's me in the front row. Right on the end. We were clapping and showing appreciation for our family, friends and teachers that helped us get to this special day!

There were 1544 graduates, biggest class yet at BYUI.
I graduated in the top 5% with a GPA of 3.93.
(Not bad for an old lady . . . hahahahaha)

Sitting with my comrades waiting to receive our diplomas!!

Receiving my diploma!

I couldn't have done it without this special friend. Thanks Brittaini!!

When Amy graduated from BYU Hawaii they have a tradition there of giving the graduates lei's.
So after I graduated my family all gave me a lei to celebrate my accomplishment.
I thought it was so cool!!

It takes a family to graduate a mom!!!!

Thanks to their support, love, encouragement, sacrifice and help I was able to accomplish this goal of mine. Thanks kids ~ I appreciate you all!

And now my best friend gets his wife back!!!
This has been a wonderful journey for me. I have learned so much more than just secular knowledge. I have learned alot about myself. I have grown so much and have gained more confidence in myself and in my abilities to do hard things. I know that I can face any challenge that comes my way. But most importantly I know that the Lord walks beside me daily. I have felt his help and strength helping me get through these past 5 yrs. I give all credit of my acheivement to Him. Yes, I put in the time and effort but it was through His inspiration and guidance and Him filling in the gaps where I fell short that I was able to accomplish this goal.

I hope now that I can use this degree and my new found knowledge to reach out and help
and strengthen others.

So on to the next phase of my life . . . . what ever that may be!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

One more pic. . . .

What a happy boy!!! He loves Disneyland!!!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More pictures of Mr. Trent

Amys mom gave her the piano that she learned to play on. She drove it all the way to CA herself to take it to them. What a nice mom she is!!

. . . . and it looks like we have a "piano man" in the family. Or as Scott and Amy are calling him "Little Mozart!"

He is getting so big. I cant wait to see him!!! I think that they are coming to my graduation next week. In fact. . . all of my kids (except for Mindy of coarse) are coming. I'm excited to graduate but I'm way more excited to see all of my family.

But since we are talking about my graduation. . . I have one week until I am done. I cant believe that I have finally made it. Some of my professors arent going to be able to be at our graduation because they have a conference to go to, so last week we took pictures with them. This is about half of our class. The rest of them arent walking and they didnt want to be in the picture. Oh well . . . they missed out on being in a great picture. So here is a sneak preview of what I look like in my cap and gown.

These are my three favorite teachers.

Here we are ~ Class of 2010!!!

Just in case you cant find me

I'm the youngster that is 3rd from the right/middle row!!!