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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The birthday boy!!

Has it really been a whole year since I got the call from my son telling me that I was a GRANDMA!!!??

And has it really been a whole year since I jumped in my car and drove all the way to California to welcome this little bundle of joy into our family?

I dont know where the time went but YES . . . . it's been a year!!!
And our little buddy just turned

Joe and I went down for the birthday boy's big day!!!
It was so fun to be there and celebrate with him!

And yes . . . we spoiled him!!!

I cant believe how much he has changed over this past year.

It is amazing to see all of the things that a baby learns in their first year.

Scott and Amy were very good at sending us pictures of the little guy so that we could see him change and grow. He is a very active little boy and into everything. YAY!! I'm so grateful that he has a strong little body that is growing and developing just like he should be.

He is always on the move.

We bought him this little chair and he loved it. He would just sit in it and be very content.

It was the only time that he ever sat still!!

He really seemed to enjoy all of the attention that he was getting and of coarse all of the fun new toys that he got!!! (Actually he loved the boxes just as much and maybe even had a little bit of sensory overload from getting so much stuff.)

Like I said ~ WE LOVED SPOILING HIM!!!!!
One of the best things about his birthday was his experience with his
birthday cake!!

Words cant describe how much fun it was to watch him start out slow . . . . just exploring with this colorful item placed in front of him. And then getting more and more excited about it and how yummy it was until . . . .

. . . he went in HEAD FIRST and just kept saying
Mmmmmm . . . . . . .Mmmmmmmm!!

It was priceless!!
What a blessing this little one has been in our lives and I cant wait to watch him grow and change this next year!!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Gneiting love you!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

And we're off . . . . . .

. . . . to see some one turn ONE!!!! Yay!!!

It's time to party!!!!