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Monday, June 20, 2011

Is it worth it to continue?

Ok, as you may have noticed (or maybe you havent noticed) I havent been too good at
keeping up with my blog lately.

For one reason is the fact that I feel like my life is pretty boring and that I have nothing of value to share that anyone would be interested in.
(Are you interested in reading about my boring life?)

Secondly, I dont have alot of extra time and it does take time to enter these posts.
(Is it worth your time to read my boring posts?)

Another reason is I feel like so many people, that I know, have also quit doing
their blogs ~ choosing to keep in touch and
share their life on Facebook and Twitter, etc.
(Is Facebook and Twitter enough or is their still a need for blogs?)

So I'm asking for your help as I make a decision as to whether
I should keep doing a blog or not.
#1 - Does anyone out there in the cyber world have any interest in me, my life and my blog?

#2 - Will it be worth my time and yours if I continue this blog?

#3 - And......what kinds of things are interesting to those of you that do still read blogs?

So it would be really helpful if the 2 or 3 of you that follow my blog
will help me make my decision of how to spend my extra time
and if it is worth it in the end to spend it here in the blogosphere.

I look forward to hearing from you!!!


BrittandJay said...

Carol! I totally follow and LOVE your blog! BUT Im a blog junky and like to post things here because sometimes I use it to write things down so I remember and I only share my blog with good personal friends and family. Where as on facebook I feel like its more of a bigger atmosphere to share with. I even made your parmesan and it was pretty sure it has a purpose for silly ol' me! haha.

Miriam said...

Do it for yourself........but I will still watch!!

Romney Family said...

I myself prefer the blog world over facebook. Granted I look on facebook as well but I love blogging and reading your blog and others as well. But you have to do what you want and what you have time for.

Kathy said...

Carol, I like your blog and follow it. I think you are extremely creative and enjoy your insight. Keep the post is it more personal than facebook.

Nikki said...

Carol, I agree with all above! I love your blog, but I understand the time it takes to post and the feeling that it isn't of interest to very many others. The thing I like about blogs is that the posts are always there and I won't miss as much as on Facebook, etc. when I can't check it all the time! So, it's up to you, but I love your creativity and insights! ~Nikki

Kelsie said...

I love reading your blog! It almost always makes me laugh and always does make me miss seeing you!