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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Intruder

It's been about 4 years since we have had an intruder in our home but it's happened again. 
 It's been traumatic!!
 There has been alot of screaming and sleepless nights and 
I'm not sure that the problem is over but for now we are okay. 

I'm a little worried that we havent seen the 
end of these creepy intruders!!
But its so hard to talk about that I just decided to re-post a post about this situation that I put on here several years ago when we had our first intruder.  It pretty much explains the current situation too!

I have a little dog that only barks when someone, that she doesn't know, comes to our house.  Other than that she is pretty quiet.  But a couple of days ago she barked, and barked and barked ALL day.  She was driving me crazy.  After a couple days of this I finally found out why she was acting so upset.  I'm sure that she was trying to tell me that we had an unwanted and uninvited intruder.

I was putting some clothes away in my husband's drawer when I saw the evidence that we had been violated!  After I jumped up and down, screamed and ran around the house yelling, "Ew. . .yuck. . .gross. . .@#*%," I went back into the bedroom to look again to see if I really had seen what I thought I saw.   Yes it was there, proof of an intruder, staring me in the face, as if to say to me, "Ha ha. . .Catch me if you can!!"  Stratigically sitting on my husband's WHITE t-shirt and WHITE socks were several. . .yeah you got it. . . MOUSE droppings!  How disgusting!  How could this happen. . .well I guess it does happen when you live in a place surrounded by grain and potato fields.  Where's the neighborhood cat when you need one?  My dog may be a barker but she's not a hunter!  Anyway all of a sudden the detective, CSI  investigator and "cleanliness" patrol in me kicked in gear.  "I'll show you"  I thought.  Nothing invades my home with out a fight!

  (Okay he wasn't this cute)

Anyway. . . after I got my composure I jumped in my car and ran to get an arsenal of weaponry.  I was gonna take that baby out!!  So after setting up several traps with yummy cheese and peanut butter and putting out lots and lots of DeCon, I sat and waited.  And waited and waited.  
24 hours went by. . . and nothin. . .that little devil was playing games with me.  And then it happened. . . last night when all was calm . . . I was reading a good book and I heard it. . . SNAP!   What a joyous sound.  But I couldn't look so I sent Joe in to check.  VICTORY!  (Ok all of you animal lovers don't write me hate mail) Don't get me wrong. . . I love some mice. . .Mickey and Minnie, Jerry, Fieval, Stuart Little and even the 3 blind mice.  But when they break in and go into places in my house that they shouldn't be. . .they've crossed the line.
Anyway. . .the mystery is solved, the dog has calmed down, the clothes have been washed and we are back to normal.  But the weapons are still in place, protecting our home, just in case he has a relative who comes looking for him.

Update on current situation:
We've captured four........ yes you heard me right........
FOUR. . . 4. . . uno, dos, tres, CUATRO!
Four stinkin MICE!!!
A whole family of mice!!!!!
Maybe I need to get a cat!  I dont want a cat!

Can you feel my pain?


Romney Family said...

mice are the worst!! HOpe you got them all!!!

Jenna said...

You scared me to death, I thought you meant a burglar at first!! Nice post :)

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